Out with the old!

Elizabeth Gilbert changed our lives when she wrote, “Eat, Pray, Love” and told us about her journey of courage.

Uncovering her truth to live a life of freedom and empowerment, she spoke directly to our hearts – to that place that only we know is real.

We were touched when we realized that her story is like so many of our stories… that we deserve real happiness and love. Many of us are ready for this! We are tired of the old mental patterns – the ones that put us down and steal our joy.

When we get tired of our own bulls#!t – it means the time is now to use that momentum to put a new practice into reality.

Maybe the new practice can be a simple mantra for yourself? A mantra is like a mini-meditation. A couple of my faves are: “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” and “The Best Project You’ll Ever Work On Is You”.

Do you have a mantra that helps you?