5 Things Results Coaching Will NOT Do For You

5 Things Results Coaching is NOT

Coaching Tissue

1. Results coaching is not therapy.

Therapy focuses on helping people who are struggling in the present to address problems from the past.
Coaching, on the other hand, focuses on supporting personal and professional growth and positive change based on self-learning, self-discovery, and self-initiated changes to achieve specific goals. Coaching is future-focused and results-oriented and not focused on analysing the past. From a brain-science perspective, focusing on the past drains our mental energy, using up resources that could be better used in finding the answer. By focusing on the solution and moving forward, this creates tangible energy in our brains motivating the person to action.

2. Results coaching is not consulting.

Management consultants are hired for their expertise – they may diagnose problems, prescribe a solution and if required may even implement the solution.
Coaches don’t give advice nor do they tell people what they should do. People are very able to generate their own solutions. In fact, we know through brain science, that people want to find our own answers. The role of the coach is to have a conversation that is appropriate for the individual and to support them to make positive change.

3. Results coaching is not training.

Trainers usually have a preset curriculum with specific objectives and expected outcomes. A coach doesn’t follow a set curriculum nor has specific objectives other than the goals the person sets for themselves with the support of the coach.


4. Results coaching is not mentoring.

A mentor is an individual who shares his or her wisdom and guidance based on their own experience. Mentoring also tends to focus on career development.
Coaching is far broader and is applicable to any area of the person’s personal or professional life. Coaches do not advise or counsel but rather focuses on supporting a person set and achieve their own goals.

5. Results coaching is not being a nag.

Coaches don’t nag clients about what they didn’t do. The coach is there to remind the person of the commitments they have made to themselves. The individual is accountable to themselves and not to the coach.

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