What is Professional Coaching?


Professional Coaching – What is it, and Who Uses it?

Sandra* is a solo entrepreneur. She has been in business five years and she is very happy with her success so far. However in pursuit of her business goals she has neglected her health – she rarely exercises, she makes poor food choices, she does not sleep well, she has gained weight and her blood pressure is on the rise. She does not want to live this way anymore.

What she does want is to feel well again. She wants to have lots of energy, get a great night’s sleep every night and wake up refreshed, to make and eat more nutritious meals, bring down her blood pressure and to feel comfortable in her clothes. She is not sure how to get there. Enter: Professional Coaching.

Close the Gap with Professional Coaching

There is a gap between where she is (unhealthy and unwell) and where she wants to be (healthy, with lots of energy and feeling great).
Coaching helps people close the gap. Coaching helps people make positive, lasting changes in their lives by supporting them to focus on their goals, gently helping them find their own answers and create their own solutions. On their journey to achieving their goals, people develop new positive habits, they feel empowered, confident and happy with their new life.

* To preserve anonymity, names have been changed.