Setting Goals that will Change Your Life (Part 4)

A Snappy Goal Statement

Stay motivated and excited about your goal and write a goal statement that is short, snappy, positive and memorable using around seven words. Think of it as your personal bumper sticker or the slogan on a t-shirt.

Use a visual and / or emotional element in the goal statement. For example

  • My line of credit at zero
  • Hosting a mortgage burning party
  • To break ground
  • As much energy as I did in my ‘20’s
  • Fit into my favourite black dress.


Needs a Measure

Your goal needs a measure so you know when you have achieved it. The measure can be linked to dollars, time, a person or an object:

  • Generate $5,000 profit a month
  • Increase sales by 10% in the second quarter
  • Increase the number of clients by 5% in 2014
  • to fit in my ‘benchmark’ jeans
  • to be as fit as I was in ‘20’s



Setting the right goal for you will change your life because it will change how you feel, think and act on a daily basis. Dream big and stretch yourself into a new life!

This article focused on setting the right goal statement for success. However every goal needs a strategy and a plan of action including regular check-ins, mid-course corrections, rewards and celebrations along the way. Without a plan a goal is just a wish.

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Using brain based models, she holds coaching conversations with clients to help them gain clarity, generate insights, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and develop new habits to improve individual performance and become more effective leaders. She also coaches teams to improve their group performance and achieve corporate goals with measurable results.

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