How sending positive messages to yourself will improve your mood!

You know that feeling you get when someone leaves you a surprise note?

It is a tiny bit of magic when someone tucks a note into a place they know you’ll find it.

It makes you feel like you are important enough to be thought of in advance – so much so that someone has considered how you’ll feel in the future and done something about it.

I say we can do that for OURSELVES too!

When I’m in the best version of my relationship with myself, it is my affirmations of me to me that are the most meaningful. Also, I know what I need in various situations.

So. What if you made a habit of writing yourself encouraging notes of what you know your soul needs to hear? Write it down. Tuck it into your bag, cutlery drawer, freezer, mail box. Tape it to the inside of your dustpan, bathroom cupboard, glove compartment, bedside table.

And TA-DA! You have a fool-proof, personalized pick-me-up to be enjoyed at various spontaneous moments!

BONUS! Try asking your friends: “Have any of you sent yourself a card in the mail?” and see what kind of discussions you can strike up!