Loving your physical space

One of the exciting things that happens while we approach retirement is being able to notice the places that we’ve neglected in our home while being so busy.

No – not the dust bunnies!

I mean that place on the wall where you’d like to hang a cherished photo.

That corner where you have dreamed of putting a beautifully potted jade plant.

The top of the dresser where you’ve always thought your shell collection would look nice.

De-clutter your garage or that spare bedroom so you can set up your easel.

Or the front step where you imagine getting some tile put in.

The time around your retirement is that time to start reinserting bits of joy into the physical spaces around your home.

What do you have in mind to spruce up your physical space?

You’re worth it. Enjoy!

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What does financial stability mean to you?

Getting personal with you means showing you my humanness. I may have training and expertise to serve you with, but that doesn’t mean I’m without fears!

One of my biggest fears is wondering if I’ll be financially stable in my retirement years. For me, being financially stable is knowing that I’ll have the money for the things I want to do.

For me, that starts with having a roof over my head, being able to pay my bills and insurance, and buying the clothes and food I need to have a comfortable life.

But furthermore, I want to thrive!

Travel, leisure activities, hobbies, fitness training…a gym membership. These are the things that add joy to my life.

To help me regulate my fears and achieve my goals, I am working with a financial planner who helps me plan for the life I imagine. And sharing this fear with you allows me to understand more fully how important it is to talk about our process!

Does learning about other people’s fears make it easier for you to talk about your own?