Who Can Benefit from Coaching?

Who can benefit from coaching? The short answer is anyone. Anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life can benefit from coaching.

My clients are very educated, articulate, bright, energetic, and self-motivated individuals. They are also very successful professional men and women.

They wanted to make certain positive changes in their personal and professional lives but we’re stuck, lacked clarity, or just not sure how to make the changes that we’re necessary. They had all tried many different ways to bring about those changes but had not achieved the results they were looking for.

So with an open mind they looked for fresh ideas and new approaches to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. They hired a professional coach.

Working through the coaching process, they we’re able to identify the life they wanted such as better relationships, more balance, less stress, weight loss, better health and fitness, more time for hobbies and interests, more fun, better job, more fulfilling career and even getting ready for retirement.

With solutions-focused coaching conversations and a co-created action plan, they developed new thinking and created new habits which lead to big results and transformational changes in their lives. They achieved all of this in a very short timeframe. For these people, coaching changed their lives for the better.


Marielle Gauthier supports individuals to live their extraordinary lives by facilitating positive change.