A Coaching Journey – Pt. 7

Working with Marielle on my Strategies for the past while, it somehow didn’t occur to me that I would have to act on them – that that is what “action” is. Well, now I’m looking at my strategies for my organizational goals and realizing that the first one is looking long and hard at myself through a Personal Assessment and answering certain questions that I placed on the list (with Marielle’s encouragement)

So, why is organization important to me? Why does my lack of organization bother me, and how does it impact me? How did I get to a state in which I feel disorganized when so much of my work life centred on being organized (and/or doing the organizing)? What will help kick-start me so that I can achieve my goal?

I think I would truly love to live in a dream world, in which I wake up in the morning and the house is magically spotless, papers are all filed, and projects are laid out ready for next steps, with “to do” lists magically prioritized. All I have to do is follow up. Unfortunately, that is not my reality.

I don’t love cleaning. Papers are my nemesis, piling up continuously, hidden when guests are coming (important papers with recyclables), only to disappear from view for many moons (I am an “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” personality). I am keenly aware of my projects as I am commitment-driven, but I often procrastinate in moving these forward (see Blog #6) and end up working on these at the last minute.

The stress that my approach causes hangs over me, even as I try to ignore it. It freezes me in place, so that I don’t get things done. I avoid, ignore, or chip away half-heartedly. It stops me from experiencing the full joy that I want out of life. A new approach is called for.

So what will kick-start me toward that new approach? First of all, a self-reminder that I am an organizer; that I have done this before and can do it again; and a commitment to myself to do better. I have already said that I am commitment oriented, but I have found that little tips, tricks and cues help motivate me. With exercise, it is the Fitbit and a commitment to my trainer. With organization, it turns out that it is “reality scheduling “ – scheduling for how my life is now and including “organization” into the mix. And, to keep me honest but not overwhelmed, it is my little kitchen timer, which can be set for 15 or 30 minute intervals, so that I can attack, rather than chip away, and really get things done.

It is a habit that I am still working on. But I feel optimistic that I can and will do it…and as it becomes habit, I will celebrate my victory!





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The above entry is part of a guest blog series titled “A Coaching Journey” written by my friend, client, and talented writer, Linda Epstein. She has graciously agreed to write on her experience with the coaching process as she navigates it, to give a first-hand view of what the journey is like. Visit weekly to find out more!


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