5 Tips to Be Prepared for Retirement

Do you desire joy and a sense of purpose? Then the best thing you can do is prepare for the emotional and psychological impacts of your post-career life! Preparing for a purpose-filled retirement is not all about the money.

Here are 5 tips for making your transition a smooth one:

    1. Start thinking about your retirement 1-5 years in advance.
      If you’re going to be making big lifestyle changes like moving or travelling, your key to success is thinking it through well in advance.
    2. Think about what you want to do in retirement.
      Getting stuck in default mode makes for an unhappy retirement. This is your chance to pursue your dreams!
    3. Create a plan and set goals
      If you think preparing financially is the only type of planning and goal setting you need to do, think again! Preparing and planning for the emotional and psychological impacts of retirement and your lifestyle is key.
    4. Share your retirement plans with your partner or family.
      If you have a partner, it’s very important to be on the same page when it comes to plans. Share your ideas with your children or trusted friends. Feeling supported is important.
    5. Be aware of the retirement transition process
      It takes time to stabilize when you are discovering a new identity and purpose in life. Give yourself time to develop new routines before you feel grounded in your new way of life.

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Finding Meaning in Uncertain Times

Podcast Host, Cathy Heller, is often quoted for saying: “The opposite of depression isn’t being happy, it’s finding a purpose.”

How does one determine their purpose while living in such uncertain times? How do we navigate living meaningful lives when we don’t know what lies ahead of us on the journey?

When you explore your values, determine your strengths, discover your passions and find a way to channel the cumulative effect of those three things into a service, that is the place where you find your purpose.

The sense of meaning you find there can guide you even when you don’t know what lies ahead because the answer to the question ‘why’ becomes more relevant than the answer to the question ‘how’.

As a personal coach, I am here to offer further guidance to you in discovering your purpose. Please reach out by sending me a message!