A Coaching Journey – Pt. 13

I was ready. I knew that the timing was right. So did Marielle. So we spent our session setting up the hard work of moving forward, setting target dates as we went. After all, timing is everything – right!

Unfortunately, as I set those dates, I front-loaded everything, not taking into account the other projects that I had on my plate. I had been so excited that my work was going to bear fruit, that I didn’t pay enough care and attention to the timing. And timing is everything – right?

The result when I realized my mistake? I folded into myself, fell back on my procrastination bad habits, and got nothing done. Well, not exactly nothing. My goal remained ever-present in my mind and so I continued researching the writing opportunities out there, made contacts and let it be known that I was available (true, it was a more passive “Hey, I’m here” than a door-knocking “Let me in,” but it was something). I even attended an on-line web design class to get some of the basics. At least it wasn’t my full-blown procrastination of a few months ago. After all, I was ready, wasn’t I?

Thinking about it as I write this blog, I realize that the fear of the rubber hitting the road had taken over and that it was important for me to shift my thinking. Yes, indeed, timing is paramount. And, yes, you need to be ready. But you also need to truly envision what you want from your future and to be open to accepting that it takes a fundamental shift and some hard effort to get there.

So, I’m pulling up my socks, giving myself a shake, shifting my head space and getting back onto my path. After all, both the journey and the destination are worth it. And the road ahead looks a touch bumpy, but clear.






About the Author:

The above entry is part of a guest blog series titled “A Coaching Journey” written by my friend, client, and talented writer, Linda Epstein. She has graciously agreed to write on her experience with the coaching process as she navigates it, to give a first-hand view of what the journey is like. Visit weekly to find out more!


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