5 Tips for Staying Grounded in Uncertain Times

Being thrust, so suddenly, into a global pandemic, can bring up a lot of feelings. Like anxiety, loneliness, and feeling powerless. When circumstances are beyond our control, it is important to give our attention to the things we CAN control.

Here are 5 things you can control that will support your wellness:

  • Eat Healthy – Get your vitamins and minerals by eating fresh fruits and vegetables!
  • Sleep Well – Create a supportive bedtime routine and try to go into ‘rest and relaxation mode’ at the same time every night. Try meditation or sleepy-time herbs if you have trouble quieting your mind for sleep.
  • Exercise – Getting your blood moving and your heart pumping is not just beneficial to your physical health, it does wonders for your mental health too!
  • Drink Water – Staying hydrated is especially important during stressful times.
  • Nature – Find ways of connecting with nature! Go for a walk, be in the sunshine at a park, or find places near your community in the wild to be by a river or in a forest. It is so grounding to connect with the earth.

Other things that can feel supportive if you are spiraling from lack of control could be learning a mindfulness or breathwork practice, listening to uplifting music, spending quality time with family members, or choosing a project that you feel inspired to start.

While it is important to be up-to-date on advice from medical experts, reducing your exposure to news and social media could also help you stay focused in the present moment, and grounded in your intuition.

To go deeper into the work of staying grounded or if you need any additional support, send me a private message and I’d be happy to help.

Ten Tips To Stay Sharp at Any Age

Stay sharp by exercising the muscle that is your brain!

Aging does not necessitate mental decline. Research supports that people who continue to prioritize intellectual stimulation increase their chances of avoiding degenerative diseases like dementia.

Here are some tips for keeping your mind sharp at any age!

  • When you’re tempted to reach for the calculator -try doing the math in your head
  • Stay mentally stimulated through a good book or through book club debates
  • Stretch your mind through games and word puzzles
  • Stay socially active – find ways to be plugged into your community
  • Learn something new by trying something you’ve never done before
  • Engage in a program, course or class
  • Plan engaging outings with friends to galleries or theaters etc.
  • Find a place you can put your gifts to work by volunteering
  • Build regular exercise into your routine
  • Plan and cook healthy meals and eat at regular intervals during the day

Leave a comment with YOUR favourite activities for keeping sharp!

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Avoiding excessive exposure to negative news

Does the “news” seem synonymous with “bad news” these days?

Lots of medical professionals are looking into the effects of being bombarded by the news.

Psychiatrist Dr. Sheila Jowsy talks about how to avoid media overload by being careful about the amount of negative and/or bad news we’re exposed to.

Some of the side effects you are already familiar with, like feeling discouraged. And if you have struggled with mental health challenges, you might understand how it can contribute to feeling even lower!

There are some things you can do to help cope when things get a little too heavy, thanks to Dr. Jowsy:

– Turn it off – find a cool podcast that shifts your perspective
– Do something positive to help the world, like volunteer
– Go outside and experience nature
– Exercise – relieve some of your stress
– Find and talk about good news – spread the love!